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Harvesting light


Wireless data demands wireless power

The low power connectivity evolution has made it possible to create small devices that can transfer data wirelessly. But what if these devices could be powered without the use of batteries and the need to replace them? Imagine the value that reducing or eliminating batteries could bring to a world teeming with trillions of sensors.

This is exactly what Epishine has been imagining for years. Light is a fantastic way to transfer energy, and by optimizing our light energy harvesting modules, we harness indoor lighting to create energy to support these low power devices.

By using small supercapacitors your devices can stay powered even when the lights are off.


  • Flexible and thin
  • Made of organic material
  • Efficient at low illumination
  • Easy to integrate

  • Benefits

  • Easily integrated with many applications
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Expanded indoor usage
  • Enables most indoor applications

  • General techical data at 500 lux

    Output power 20 μW / cm²
    Voltage at max power point (Vmpp) 0,55-22 V
    Open circuit voltage (Voc) 0,64-28 V
    Operating temperature: -20°C to +30°C

    See data for our standard modules below. We can also provide custom sizes between 5x5 through 250x500 mm.

    Technical data for EH19A-205 (20.5 cm2)

    Illumination (Lux) 50 200 500
    Maximum power 18 μW 81 μW 250 μW
    Operation voltage 1.6 V 1.8 V 2.2 V
    Operation current 11 μA 45 μA 114 μA

    Technical data for EH19A-275 (27.5 cm2)

    Illumination (Lux) 50 200 500
    Maximum power 27 μW 123 μW 360 μW
    Operation voltage 5 V 5.6 V 6.6 V
    Operation current 5.5 μA 22 μA 55 μA

    Examples of indoor lighting conditions

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